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Wells fargo customer service When it comes to making investing decisions, it helps to know where to start. Get to know the types of investments, their benefits, and your appetite for risk.

  • Why investing matters
  • Investing education
  • Four tips for easier investing

Plan for retirement

Wherever you are on your road to retirement, Wells Fargo Advisors® can provide the information and resources you need to help you pursue your goals.

  • Retirement checklists for any age
  • Learn about IRAs
  • Income in retirement

Get help from an advisor

Working with an advisor can offer personalized, professional guidance, whether you have one investment goal or complex needs. The professionals at Wells Fargo Advisors take the time to understand your goals and tolerance for risk, then help you select your path.

The need for creating good financial habits — like putting away money regularly — seems more important than ever in today’s economy. The Wells Fargo Way2Save® Savings account makes saving money easier with convenient options for automatically transferring money between your checking and savings accounts. Take advantage of our free online tool for savings account customers, My Savings Plan®, and save for your long- and short-term needs.

Set up daily or monthly automatic transfers to your savings account
Create a savings goal and a timeframe to reach it
Get helpful tips that’ll help you save money
Track your progress towards reaching your savings goal
Way2Save Fee Information
Waive your $5 monthly service fee with one of the following:

Set up and maintain automatic, recurring transfers from your checking to your savings account (at least $25 monthly or $1 each business day), OR
Maintain a $300 minimum daily balance, OR
Are under the age of 18 (19 in AL) and are the primary owner of this account1
Already have a Wells Fargo customer servicesavings account? Sign on to set up My Savings Plan and schedule automatic transfers to get working on your savings goals today.

Choose the plan that’s right for you
Wells Fargo customer service optional Identity Theft Protection plans can help you monitor your credit and provide a daily check for inaccuracies that could indicate identity theft. They can alert you to suspicious changes to your credit, such as unauthorized credit account openings. When you purchase a Wells Fargo customer service Identity Theft Protection plan, you’ll be able to:

Benefit from daily monitoring1 of your information from all three major Credit Bureaus.
Stay on top of your credit by receiving convenient updates and alerts when certain changes occur.
Save time navigating the process with help from Fraud Resolution Representatives if identity theft happens.
Access information to help you reduce potential losses by finding out early if identity theft takes place.

Compare Identity Theft Protection plans
Help monitor your credit profile with an optional Identity Theft Protection plan. You’ll get access to the tools and support you need such as daily monitoring1 of your Triple-Bureau (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) credit activity, timely alerts when certain changes appear in your Credit Report(s), and resources to help you recover from identity theft.

Compare Identity Theft Protection plans available from Wells Fargo and choose the one that works for you.

With Wells Fargo customer service Identity Theft Protection, when you purchase your plan online, you can:
Get online access to your Credit Report(s) and PLUS Score(s)2 .
Daily monitoring1 of your Triple-Bureau (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) Credit Activity. It can take up to 14 days after date of purchase to establish monitoring.
Receive email alerts on reported changes to your credit information.
Get quarterly statements with updated PLUS Score(s)2, Score Factors, Alerts History, and more.
Receive personalized support and access to Fraud Resolution Representatives if you need experienced guidance recovering from identity theft.
Receive assistance through Lost Card Recovery to help you cancel and replace lost or stolen debit and credit cards.
Be reimbursed up to $10,0003 for certain expenses covered under identity theft insurance.
If you’re looking for Wells Fargo customer service Theft Protection benefits, plus additional tools, consider Wells Farg

Wells Fargo Enhanced Identity Theft Protection gives you all the benefits of Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection, along with additional tools to help you understand your credit and reach your financial goals. You’ll also receive more frequently updated and detailed information.

In addition to the benefits of Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection, with Wells Fargo Enhanced Identity Theft Protection, you can also:

Get monthly access to your Credit Report(s) and PLUS Score(s)2 .
Keep track of the history of your PLUS Score(s)2 and compare to the national average with the PLUS Score Tracker.
Receive Experian PLUS Score Change Alerts when your Credit Status changes or customize your alerts.
Use the Experian PLUS Score Simulator to see how behavior changes — such as paying off or opening a new credit card, reducing a debt, or missing monthly payments — may affect your Experian PLUS Score(s).